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Dec. 14th, 2009

I haven't been on here in so long. Consider this a roll call to see who still reads this. Please and thank you. Maybe I'll start writing again.
I love this fucking storm. The only thing that would make it any better would be if I was on a beach right now.
Most of my posts are private these days. I guess I don't want people judging me or calling me emo or things like that. So I make them private. Not that I even think anyone reads this but the moment i think no one reads it and I post something then you know my page would blow up. Whatevs.

things to download

Brad Paisley - She's Everything
Goerge Jones - He stoped loving her today
Sugarland - Stay
John Michael Montgomery - I swear
Faith Hill - Breathe
Garth brooks - if tomorrow Never Comes
Carrie underwood
Dixie Chicks - Not ready to make nice
Carrie Underwood Before he Cheats
Everyone is talking about wanting to go home. As home sick as I am, as homesick as I have been all year, I suddenly don't want to go home. I don't want to go home because that brings me so much closer to next semester. This semester has overwhlemingly not been a good one, but there have been so many good, wonderful things in it. I also don't really want to stay here. I am worried about ym parents not being able to afford to send me here much longer. i don't know what I would do if they couldn't. Maybe move here, get an apartment, but for what? I don't really know if I have a reason to stay. I don't really have a reason to go back to ohio either. God, what am i doing with my life?

songs to download

Again I go unnoticed - Dashboard Confessional
I Hate this part - pussycat dolls
Breakfast After Ten - Blue october